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Reach Yoga Virtual Classes

Sleep better~breathe deeper~laugh more

Classes for all levels in both locations have gone Virtual!

Join us on the Zoom platform.  See you on line!

Weekly Classes

Monday Night Yoga 7:30-8:30pm (*CLASS LINK*)

Tuesday Morning Yoga 10-11am (*CLASS LINK*)

Tuesday Night Meditation 6-7pm (Pre Register for our next Six Week Series starting October 19th 2021)

Tuesday Night Yoga 7:30-8:30pm (*CLASS LINK*)

Tuesday Afternoon Tea and Book Reading 1:30pm-2:30pm (*Community Link*)

Thursday Morning Yoga 10-11am (*CLASS LINK*)

Saturday Morning Yoga 10-11am (*CLASS LINK*)

Saturday Sacred Feminine Call! Stories and Conversations with Women 50+ (NEXT CALL IS IN NOVEMBER DATE TO COME)


Friday December 10th 4pm (*CLASS LINK*) No Fees

Wednesday December 15th 4pm (*CLASS LINK*) No Fees

Friday December 24th 7-8am (*CLASS LINK*) 


Here are your fees and payment options. (CLICK HERE for Important Class Notices)

1. If you have a 10 Class Pass showing up on the virtual class is just like you signed the sign in sheet. (Make sure we know your Last name if your zoom is only in your first name.)
2. If you use the drop in system you can go ahead and e-transfer $15.00 to

For those of you who do a few ‘drop’ in classes a week, just save you fees for the end of the week and make one e-transfer.
3. If you have found the Virtual Classes are easier to attend a ten class pass is $130.00 for anyone wanting to shift from the drop in system.

4. *Virtual Waiver*: By clicking the class link, I agree that I am physically sound to proceed with the instruction of yoga. I agree to listen to my body and take full responsibility for my level of participation. I agree that by joining the virtual classes at Reach Yoga, I take 100% responsibility for myself and commit to do only the things that are supportive to my wellness. I agree that neither Reach Yoga or Cathy Mines will be held liable for injuries or damages to my person or property.

If you are not familiar with sending e-transfers, myself or Carolyn can help you or run a tab for you.

If you need financial assistance at this time please contact us, do not miss yoga over money, there is always a space for you.
Keeping it all simplified, together we are stronger. If you are not on our e-mail list yet, at the bottom left of the page you can sign up to get all links and updates right to your in-box.

Namaste, Cathy and Carolyn


All of our classes are on in our virtual platform ( ZOOM) 

We will contiune this way until it is deemed safe to returne to our group class locations.

Keep showing up for yourselves, our community is strong and united.