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Important Class Notices

 All yoga classes are on! We continue VIRTUAL for your practice support and community connection.

 Take Note: There will be no increase to our fees this year.    


There are no class cancelations at this time. 🙂


YOGA AND MEDITATION CLASSES  (live class links here)

 Thursday Night Choir 7-8pm   COMMUNITY CHOIR (on pause)

 Tuesday Night Meditation Circles 6-7pm YES (VIRTUAL) NEW SESSION INFO 

 Monday Night Yoga 7:30-8:30pm YES YOGA (VIRTUAL)

 Tuesday Morning Yoga 10-11am YES YOGA  (VIRTUAL)

 Tuesday Night Yoga 7:30-8:30pm YES YOGA (VIRTUAL)

 Thursday Morning Yoga 10-11am YES YOGA (VIRTUAL)

 Thursday Lunch Time Corporate Time Slot 12-1pm YES YOGA (VIRTUAL)

Saturday Morning Yoga 10-11am YES YOGA (VITUAL) 


Do you need zoom links for the class you want to take? CLICK HERE


Stay after our Morning yoga classes for a 15/20 min cardio and resistance workout. If you have weights have them ready to move from yoga to a cardio work out! 

Saturday Mornings we have barefoot walking club ‘virtual style’ before the Cardio! 


Thursday Afternoon Tea & Book Reading 4:30pm. Reading the Eight Sacred Responsibilities by Cathy Mines, Director of Wellness at Reach Yoga


Tuesday 4:30pm Yoga & The Sonic Slider for all who have a Sonic Slider Tuning Fork.


Sunday Night PJ Yoga. 9-10pm.  Not every Sunday, but as many as I can give. Check the Class links page, if there is a link, then there is a class 🙂 so far it seems we have had one every other week!


All of our classes are on in our virtual platform ( ZOOM) 

We will contiune this way until it is deemed safe to returne to our group class locations.

Keep showing up for yourselves, our community is strong and united.