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Join our 22 Day Virtual Fall Seasonal Cleanse. October 6th-27th

Let me guide you on how to enter into a cleansing practice and exit a cleansing practice. Each of us will  listen the wisdom from within on how deep we go.

Cleanse-Care is a lifelong experience, we are not ‘checking a box’ of the next trendy thing to do. We are implementing a permanent and deep love for ourselves at a cellular level, drop by drop, one breath at a time. Slowly is holy…

Do you want less pain in your body? Do you want to wake up refreshed? Do you want to steep in the ancient, natural wisdom of self care handed down through the teachings of yoga? If you do, then register to be part of our 2021 fall-season cleanse. 

Wednesday April 28th 7pm – Wednesday October 27th 9am. (22 days)

Living the Reach Yoga Lifestyle means that in the spaces between our yoga and meditation classes we continue to live a life of  self care, self reflection and service to others. We stay in the flow of treating ourselves like someone we love. AND we treat our bodies like the sacred soul vehicle that it is, perfectly designed and seriously loveable.

Join us…

How our Virtual Cleanse Will Work.

For the time being we will not gather together in person, around my blender for our green smoothie festivities.  Those detoxes are on pause for now.

BUT what I believe can be even better, is that we tune in from home via zoom.

Here Is Our Schedule. (all of our calls will be recorded so no need to attend live)

 =Wednesday October 6th Live call kicking off our group cleanse starting at 7pm. 

=Wednesday October 20th call, we are in the home stretch! Starting at 7pm.

=Wednesday October 27th Cleanse Wrap Party and Experience sharing starting at 7pm.

=Between our live calls, you will get straight into your inbox recorded teachings, recipes, (Yes you will be getting more of my cooking videos lol) and loads of support. In addition, I will answer questions in these videos if you send them in! 

Fees & Registration: Send fees via e-transfer to

Fees: $85.00 (inclds hst)

Register: By email,

Send your request to participate with full name and best email, include the password for your e-transfer in this email. Your space will be reserved and you will be included in the group Newsletters specific to this cleanse. Let do this!

Fall~Season Cleanse 2021