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Yoga & Writing Day Retreat | Unravel Your Story








Up Next! Unravel your story!

Yoga and Writing Day Retreat. 10- 6pm

A one day immersive retreat for anyone who loves writing, we are calling all who enjoy putting ‘pen to paper’ as creative, spiritual beings, we are the ones who are activated by power of the written word.

Calling all who want to delve more deeply into the witten word. You may have a book inside you waiting to be set free, perhaps a poem. a song, or even a glowing journaling practice, this is your retreat..

  • Insight into how movement and breath open the mind to imaginative thinking. 
  • Learn a precise, short, Yoga Practice to keep you comfortable at your writing desk. You absolutely MUST add movement and breath-work to activate your greatest creativity. This will be a game-changer for writers. 
  • Writing prompts and editing techniques to refresh and reimagine your story.
  • How to structure your writing life and demystify the publishing process.
  • BIG BONUS! Your Personal Astrology Transit Chart. One of Pin’s specialties is Astrology for writers! Register now and have your chart e-mailed to you before the retreat!

Fees| $150.00

10am- 6pm | Morning Practice ~ Tea Ceremony~ Beautiful Lunch ~ Afternoon Tea ~ Closing Ceremony, an all-inclusive day. Come, be inspired! Friday March 31st.


Fees & Registration: Send fees via e-transfer to

Fees: $150.00 (includes hst) 

Spring Seasonal Cleanse

10 Day Virtual Spring Seasonal Cleanse. April 20thth -30th 2023

Let me guide you on how to enter into a cleansing practice and exit a cleansing practice. Each of us will  listen the wisdom from within on how deep we go.

Cleanse-Care is a lifelong experience, we are not ‘checking a box’ of the next trendy thing to do. We are implementing a permanent and deep love for ourselves at a cellular level, drop by drop, one breath at a time. Slowly is holy…

Do you want less pain in your body? Do you want to wake up refreshed? Do you want to steep in the ancient, natural wisdom of self care handed down through the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda? If you do, then register to be part of our 2023 Spring-season cleanse. 

Receive video guidance to your in box daily.

Living the Reach Yoga Lifestyle means that in the spaces between our yoga and meditation classes we continue to live a life of  self care, self reflection and service to others. We stay in the flow of treating ourselves like someone we love. AND we treat our bodies like the sacred soul vehicle that it is, perfectly designed and seriously loveable.

Join us…

How our Live-Virtual Cleanse Will Work.

Every day of the cleanse you will have the opertunity to come to class 7-8am and do the practices of our cleanse together.

Here is Our Schedule. April 13th-30th Watch your daily course video, implement a small change so that you can experience the vitality building practice of seasonal cleansing. 

Can’t attend in person? There will be a single video that will be guideing us on the journey.

Fees & Registration: Send fees via e-transfer to

Fees: $55.00 (inclds hst) 

Register: By email,

Send your request to participate with full name and best email, include the password for your e-transfer in this email. Your space will be reserved and you will be included in the group Newsletters specific to this cleanse. Let do this!