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Join the SunRise Club

Yogi’s wake up with the sunrise. In the moments before the sun comes up, we find yogi’s, meditators, martial artists and seekers world wide sitting, stretching, breathing, moving and contemplating.

Join our Spring SunRise Club! March 27th-April18th

A 22 Day journey of self care, habit changing and alignment with the sunrise.Get curious about how good you can feel and what you can accomplish when you harness the power of the early hours of the day.

What will our daily sessions look like?

6am Wake Up Call.

Sun-salutations.Breathe, Chant, Hum.

Journal Prompts.

Dry Brush.

Warm Oil Massage.


7:00am Greet the day energized, balanced and feeling like the up-levelled version of yourself!

Register by sending your fees to via e-transfer. Winter Club Membership Fees  Fees $99.00

Winter start January 24th | Spring start March 27th | Summer start July 10th | Autumn Start October 25th

I would love to see as many of you as possible experience this morning immersion.Level up your energy, your time, your skin, your sleep and the way your experience your life.Rise and Shine,Cathy


Yoga & The Sonic Slider | Stay tuned for our  next session! 

Our Four Pillars Series

Calling all yogis who have a Sonic Slider tuning fork!

As incredible, electric, creative beings, we are activated by the power of sound. Join us in our upcoming series and fall in love with an activated yoga practice.

Prerequisite  | Only yogis with a Sonic Slider, purchased at the BiofieldTuning Store will be admitted into these sessions. 

A peek at our time together.

We begin our unique four week series of Yoga & The Sonic Slider by finetuning our foundational practice with our tuning forks, a relationship if you will.

We  inspire ourselves to use this musical tool daily. Using the short Sliding Practice, from our face to our feet. Activating the Sonic Slider and spending five minutes, twice a day to ‘tune-in from head to toe’.

We feel into what our personal statement, prayer, mantra will be, Our slider practice is greatly elevated by including our uplifting words to harmonize. Think, tuning fork (= instrument) and mantra (=sacred song)

In our second week, we practice pressure points ‘tuning into’ our meridians, the energetic highways of lifeforce in our bodies.

Week three we turn our focus to integrating the Sonic Slider with our yoga practice. This is a gamechanger, be creative and blend these two high frequency practices, often.

Week four, we bring the tuning fork into our Field, our Aura, our Bio-Field. The space around our physical body, yes. Remember this energetic field is directly connected to your central nervous system. As above, so below.

Our class time is 7-8am? Yep, before the rest of the world grabs us by the lapels, we do this for us, we are harnessing the power of the first few hours of the day for us. So set your alarm and show up for yourself, and together we will establish this biofield tuning protocol as part of our personal healthcare.

In Sonic Joy!Cathy

    Fees| $55.00

    7am- 8am | Morning Practice ~ Virtual on ZOOM

    Fees & Registration: Send fees via e-transfer to to reserve your space

    Fees: $55.00 (includes hst)