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founders message

This is an inclusive community of like hearted people, real people, who are taking sacred responsibility for how they feel, treat each other and tread on the earth.
Some join us to become more comfortable in their bodies through gentle strengthening and gentle stretching. Others want a more peaceful disposition, to sleep better to take part in community. Whatever the reason you come to Reach, what unites us is our commitment to the work of love and compassion for ourselves and others and having fun while we do something that makes us feel happier in so many areas of our life.

At Reach Yoga we believe that physical, emotional and mental wellness is for everyone and we are committed to equity, respect and inclusion. We emphasize what unites us and celebrate of our differences. Together, gentle step, by gentle step we walk towards this wellness. We look forward to your shiny heart joining our community!

Cathy Mines

Director of Wellness, Reach Yoga

All of our yoga classes are on as SCHEDULED We have gone Hybrid!

Both in~person and Virtual!

Classes for all levels, click on the yoga classes link in the top left for all the info you need! Join our yoga mailing list bottom left, or join the community of Fiery and Fabulous Women 50+ on a sacred journey of self discovery in the box to the right.

One community, two paths all fun!

The Eight Sacred Responsibilities

Eight Scared Responcibilities

A book by the Director of Wellness at Reach Yoga supports you on the next step closer to taking Sacred Responsibility for your happiness, for your health and for living your life as the passionate, inspired woman you are here to be!

Keeping it real, keeping it simple and lifting each-other up as we rise and shine in this life together!

Join the Movement! It wouldn’t be the same without you…


Join our on line community and get instant access to our 38 page Sacred Practices handbook as well as access to all of our Audios of the exercises for you to follow along to!

Cathy Mines Peace Ambassador, Ally, RIHR, CYT, YES

Wellness Director Om Namo Naryanya

Cathy is the Founder and Director of Wellness at Reach Yoga, organizing and facilitating Yoga, Meditation, and Corporate Health Programs across the GTA and beyond. She has been a certified Yoga Teacher since 2003. A graduate of the Transformational Arts College Spiritual Psychotherapy Program, HeartMath Clinical Practioner, Hypnotherapist, Certified Peace Ambassador and a Delegate at The Resonance Academy.

For more information, see Reach Yoga or contact me at

Cathy Mines

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