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Important Class Notices

YES we have all classes on Saturday July 31st! 

We will be closed on Monday August 2nd.

YOGA AND MEDITATION CLASSES  (live class links here)

Monday Night Yoga 7:30-8:30pm YES YOGA (VIRTUAL)

Tuesday Morning Yoga 10-11am YES YOGA  (VIRTUAL)

Tuesday Night Meditation Circles 6-7pm YES (VIRTUAL) NEW SESSION INFO 

Tuesday Night Yoga 7:30-8:30pm YES YOGA (VIRTUAL)

Thursday Morning Yoga 10-11am YES YOGA (VIRTUAL)

Thursday Lunch Time Corporate Time Slot 12-1pm YES YOGA (VIRTUAL) No Lunch Class in August. See you in September 🙂

Saturday Morning Yoga 10-11am YES YOGA (VITUAL)

Thursday Night Choir 7-8pm   COMMUNITY CHOIR (on pause)


Do you need zoom links for the class you want to take? CLICK HERE


Stay after our Morning yoga classes for a 15/20 min cardio dance workout. If you have weights have them ready to move from yoga to a cardio work out! 

Saturday Mornings we have barefoot walking club ‘virtual style’ before the Cardio! 

Thursday Afternoon Tea & Book Reading 4:30pm. Reading the Eight Sacred Responsibilities by Cathy Mines, Director of Wellness at Reach Yoga

Tuesday 4:30pm Yoga & The Sonic Slider for all who have a Sonic Slider Tuning Fork.(on Pause)

Sunday Night PJ Yoga. 9-10pm.  Not every Sunday, but as many as I can give. Check the Class links page, if there is a link, then there is a class 🙂


All of our classes are on in our virtual platform ( ZOOM) 

We will contiune this way until it is deemed safe to returne to our group class locations.

Keep showing up for yourselves, our community is strong and united.